Inspired by Mike Gunderloy’s attempt at doing something for the open source world every day, I figured I should be able to at least do something every week.

So here’s what I’ve been up to the past week:

  • watchmen is a new extension for Python’s Fabric library that is aimed at monitoring a set of servers. At the office, we’re growing pretty tired of Nagios, so I did a little test to see how hard it would be to build something better. The actual checks would be pretty doable with this library, though we’d still need to build a webbased dashboard and notifications via e-mail/irc/campfire/sms.
  • soundcheck is my unified interface to running tests. I recently came across the need to run a Minitest suite, so I’ve added something to support that. Not quite happy with how it works yet, I’ll probably improve it next week.
  • bootstrap I fixed some JS with regard to the buttons, when they are <input type="submit">s, instead of divs with class button.