This site is now running a — slightly modified — version of Jekyll. The modifications I made are so that I can navigate by previous and next post within the category the post belongs to. I have a seperate category for photos and blogposts, and to stop previous/next links from intermingling I needed to add this feature. If you need it, you can find it in my fork. The source for this site is here, though the contents remain copyrighted. If you want to use my design, feel free to send me an e-mail, I’ll probably give you the go-ahead but I put the all rights reserved license on there to maintain control. And given that my photos end up there aswell, I thought this was just the easiest.


Because of the photos, I needed thumbnails, and for that purpose I added a rakefile.

task :default => :publish

desc "Builds thumbnails for photos"
task :thumbs do
  files = Dir["photos/files/*.jpg"]

  thumbs = Dir["photos/files/thumbs-86/*.jpg"].map {|th| File.basename(th) }
  files = files.reject {|file| thumbs.include?(File.basename(file)) }
  files.each do |file|
    dest = "#{ROOT}/photos/files/thumbs-86/#{File.basename(file)}"
    puts "Building #{dest}"
    `convert #{file} -thumbnail x172 -resize '172x<' -resize 50% -gravity center -crop 86x86+0+0 +repage -format jpg -quality 91 #{dest}`

desc "Run Jekyll"
task :build => :thumbs do
  puts `/Users/marten/code/ruby/jekyll/bin/jekyll`

desc "rsync everything to server"
task :publish => :build do
  puts `rsync -avz "#{ROOT}/_site/"`